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Web hosting configuration:

I. Web site editors: You will need a program to create web page files (HTML, PHP, ASP..). Some of the following program have templates or wizards to create a professional looking web page in a short time.

A. Free WYSIWYG Web Editors

Mozilla Composer
Netscape Composer
Trellian WebPAGE
Amaya Web Browsing and Authoring
Nvu Complete Web Authoring System

B. Free HTML Editors:

TSW WebCoder and WebPad
Matrix Y2K HTML Editor
1st Page 2000

C. Commercial web editors

Microsoft Frontpage
Macromedia DreamWeaver MX

II. FTP program: You may need a FTP client program to transfer the files to our server if you web editor does not have it built in.

A. Free or Shareware FTP clients software.

CuteFTP Home

B. Transfering your files to our web server.

1. Enter the host, user, and password.

2. Once connected you should see a "public_html" folder on our server.

3. Change to the "public_html" folder.

4. Copy your website into the /public_html/ folder.


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