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Service Rates
Texas Wireless Internet
Bus/Res Download Upload Cost/Month
Residential 2 Mbps 400 Kbps $ 46.60
Residential 4 Mbps 600 Kbps $ 57.42
Residential 6 Mbps 800 Kbps $ 68.25
Residential 8 Mbps 900 Kbps $ 79.07
Residential 10 Mbps 1000 Kbps $ 89.90
Business 2 Mbps 400 Kbps $ 84.48
Business 4 Mbps 600 Kbps $ 106.13
Business 6 Mbps 400 Kbps $ 127.78
Business 8 Mbps 600 Kbps $ 149.43
Business 10 Mbps 1000 Kbps $ 171.08
Need more speed? See Dedicated bandwidth.
No equipment to buy with standard install.
Additional email $2/mo.
Static IP address additional $15/mo if needed.
Speeds are maximum rate, not guaranteed,
and may vary based on network traffic.
Conditions of Use agreement required.
Please contact us if you need additional services not listed.

Our coverage area is estimated at over 3000 square miles!

Required Installation
Standard Internet Installation $ 99.95 *
* Standard installation includes mounting an outdoor antenna to any existing structure that has line-of-sight to one of our towers and running a network cable to the customer's computer/router. An antenna mast may be required for service at an additional charge of $5/ft if needed for antenna to have line-of-sight to tower. Additional services and equipment extra. Geographical limitations may prevent availability in some areas. Prices, coverage area, service plans, and conditions subject to change without notice.


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