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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) "prohibits restrictions that impair the installation, maintenance or use of antennas used to receive video programming. The rule applies to video antennas including direct-to-home satellite dishes that are less than one meter (39") in diameter, TV antennas, and wireless cable antennas. The rule prohibits most restrictions that:

  (1) unreasonably delay or prevent installation, maintenance or use;
  (2) unreasonably increase the cost of installation, maintenance or use; or
  (3) preclude reception of an acceptable quality signal."

The rule also "applies to customer-end antennas that receive and transmit fixed wireless signals." This "includes wireless signals used to provide telephone service or high-speed Internet access to a fixed location." "Local regulations that require a person to obtain a permit or approval prior to installation create unreasonable delay and are generally prohibited." "The rule applies to state or local laws or regulations, including zoning, land-use or building regulations, private covenants, homeowners' association rules, condominium association restrictions, lease restrictions, or similar."

You can read the entire FCC ruling here.


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