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Interested in saving money for your business? Look at some of the wireless services we can provide for your business.

Wireless broadband internet access
Increase your business productivity with wireless internet service.

Redundant Internet connection
We can provide your business with a backup internet connection if your main connection is lost. From a sole-proprietorship to a Fortune 500 company, if your business depends on internet connectivity we can provide service to urban or rural areas.

Network connection for multiple buildings
We can connect multiple locations with speeds of up to 300 Mbps and distances up to 40 miles line of sight.

Builders and Developers
New home buyers increasingly list broadband internet access as must-have when building or purchasing a new home. Texas Wireless Internet can provide immediate broadband access to both urban and rural areas.

T1 Replacement
You can save hundreds per month by replacing your leased T1 lines with a wireless link capable of transporting voice and data.

For more information contact us.


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